Thursday, November 13, 2008


When La Luz woke up this morning she begged to take off her p.j.'s and put on a dress. I figured it had to be a good sign. Not to mention, she didn't have any fever and seemed to have a decent amount of energy. I figured that would happen since I called the doctor first thing this morning to make an appointment for her. Christian took her anyway, just in case, and we learned that she had a blister(s) on her tonsils but that they were healed for the most part and, consequently, no antibiotics were necessary. Hooray for a powerful immune system courtesy of daycare! At any rate, I think she is on the mend (fingers crossed) and, since she has been fever free for 24 hours, she can go to school in the morning. The schedule juggling has been a bit crazy but we managed to make it work out. Thanks to all the offers to babysit. Be careful though, we just might take you up on it one day!

Here is a picture of La Luz I took this morning, wearing the new fairy necklace mom-mom gave her when she came over to babysit yesterday.


lindavaicius said...

Aunt Linda Said......

I am so glad that Lucy is feeling better, Give her a big hug for me.

Love to all,

Kitty Brown said...

I dig the fairy necklace, Lucy! So glad she's feeling better.