Monday, November 03, 2008

More From The Weekend

On Sunday La Luz and I went to City Park with Aunt Margot for Lucas' birthday. La Luz had been waiting to meet Lucas for years and it finally worked out. As usual, La Luz was not particularly adventurous and even threw a fit once we were finally seated on the carousel. We actually had to get off of the ride. I have never had to do that before. She enjoyed watching it but had absolutely no desire to be on it, not even on the bench or any of the animals that don't move. I can't remember how I was ultimately able to bribe her to ride on it for her birthday last summer. I think maybe the reason she finally decided to ride it had something to do with Christian threatening to take away her presents.

Despite her lack of an adventurous spirit (and really this is nothing new), she had a wonderful time at the party and even enjoyed a few of the less-exciting rides:

But the real highlight for her was the favor bag and what was inside, particularly these beauties:

In other news, we had a follow-up ultra sound for baby boy since I am of advanced maternal age. Everything looked good, fortunately, and baby boy did not disappoint. It was nice for Christian to finally see what kind of ruckus is going on inside of my belly 24/7. I am not complaining more than I did with La Luz simply because I am older now, this baby really moves around. Even the doctor was surprised. I am sort of nervous that what is going on on the inside is going to translate to the sort of behavior I can expect outside. I guess we will see. Unfortunately, we were not really able to get a good side profile shot but, based on the glimpses I caught, I think the nose/mouth area is going to be very similar to Christian and La Luz.

Big day tomorrow...don't forget to vote!


Kitty Brown said...

Those are some glasses.

Kelsea said...

Little Elton John... I love it.