Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Pop

La Luz waited all day to celebrate Pop's birthday this evening. I think she was really anticipating eating the cake and opening all of Pop's presents - two of her favorite pastimes. Lucky for her, there was plenty of cake and Pop has never really been all that 'in' to opening his presents. So, she got to do everything she wanted (except spend the night, which was her last-ditch effort to delay our departure and her bedtime - nice try).

I think one of the best birthday gifts you could give Pop (other than a nice meal with friends and family) is a Saints team that can play a decent game of football on Monday night t.v. There are some things within our control that can make for great birthdays, this is a nice surprise particularly because it is entirely outside of our control and completely unexpected. Go Saints!

So, Happy Birthday Pop! We love you!


TOITA said...

Happy Birthday Babe!! haha! Wooww that`s a nice big cake to eat!!! Glad to hear that you all had a great time and the Saints gave him a nice game!!!
Happy Thanksgiving if I don`t post before



Kitty Brown said...

Happy, happy birthday to Uncle Rich! We love all of you.

Robincita said...

I was definitely rooting for the Saints! That win helped me take the week in the office NFL pool! Whooooooo!

Susan said...

Hi Julie, Congrats on your second pregnancy. I was looking at the picture wanting to get a closer look and upon clicking for the larger picture discovered your daughter's death-eye grip on that cake. Precious.