Sunday, November 02, 2008

Falling Back

I loved having an extra hour added to my day today. It was particularly useful this weekend as we were rather busy. The fun began on Friday night with our Halloween celebration. We trick or treated on State Street and gathered at Aunt Margot's house before and after for a wonderful Halloween party with family and friends. At the last minute La Luz decided that she wanted to be dressed up as Tiger Lilly. Fortunately, we had a hand-me-down costume from the Wilson girls, but that was about it. Christian came to the rescue at the last minute with a homemade hat and feather headdress, but the costume was less than stellar. It was, however, very comfortable and La Luz loved it.

Here she is without the makeshift headdress:

I realized when I was falling asleep Friday night that I should have put braids in her hair. Oh well, I was caught totally off-guard with her costume change. I was fully prepared for Cinderella.

I decided to let La Luz eat pretty much whatever "junk" she wanted Friday night, allowing her incredible joy before promptly removing what remained. It is interesting to me that she hasn't even asked for candy since Friday night. It got pretty ugly though. I eventually lost track of what she had eaten and then came this, the motherload:

I had to force Christian to gulp about 1/2 of it down, taking one for the team so to speak, because I knew La Luz would eat every grain of sugar in there. Who gives out such enormous candy? I think La Luz basically had a seizure when they handed it to her. She loves pixie sticks and, for obvious reasons, never knew they came in jumbo, super-deluxe size. Let's hope she forgets they exist.

The remainder of the weekend was spent, very peacefully, in Thibodaux. We had not been out there since before Gustav so I was sort of braced for what was in store. All things considered, it looks pretty good. There are a ton less trees but, overall, the houses are in good shape. The cane looks terrible but tastes pretty good. Unfortunately, the citrus crop is weak. I am not sure if it was the very prolific year last year or the hurricane this year but, for whatever reason, there wasn't much to pick. I am hoping that more will grow in the next few weeks. I guess we will see.

Here's La Luz enjoying some of nature's candy:


Scarlet said...

We had the same costume switch-up issue at our house - Beau decided to wear his costume from last year, a clone trooper, and then Maddie pitched a fit because she couldn't find her Ariel costume from last year! We went to 5 places for trick-or-treat, so no wonder they wanted to switch it up a bit!!

ummmhello said...

I can only imagine the death grip she had on that pixie stick :) She's absolutely adorable, as always!