Monday, November 17, 2008

What Goes On In Her Mind

For the past two mornings the first words out of La Luz's mouth have been completely unsettling. On Sunday morning she told me that she was very tired because three 'googley' men (googley is a word she has used since she was about 1 to mean weird/off/not quite right) were downstairs with her and Loki and they were trying to put things inside of her legs. She ultimately elaborated a bit and explained that they were using a door in her leg and were, much to her dismay, attempting to fill it with seashells. She couldn't really say where Christian and I were but eventually added that Loki was able to bite them and eat them and scare them away (at least he is earning his keep). Wow. What a fantastic story.

And then this morning it was more like this:

Me: Good morning my love. Do you want some sunshine to help wake up those lazy bones?

La Luz : (grabbing for my hand/arm) I am a dying princess.

I quickly kissed her to save her and then moved on to the other topics of the morning - was it cold enough for a turtleneck, would it be too windy to play outside, did waffles with cinnamon sugar sound appetizing...

But I have been a little disturbed today and I realize that this look in her eyes, the same look I have seen since she was about 4 months old, might mean that she really is processing something sort of intense:

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Robincita said...

Totally a dying princess look.

Perhaps her new imaginary friends just need to give her a new worked in Neverending Story.