Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Win. Again.

Have you seen what Drew Brees does in the huddle right before the game is about to start? I am not savvy enough to figure out how to post a video on here, otherwise I would find one for you somewhere on the great interwebs, as someone (a relatively young person) in my office referred to it last week, and share it right here just in case you missed it. Instead, you will have to watch the start of the next Saints game and see for yourself. It is worth it.

I am not a huge sports fan. I like sports okay. I watch the occasional game here and there but I won't lie, I would rather shop or go for a run or watch a movie or even tidy up the house a bit instead of siting in front of the t.v. for multiple hours watching a game. But, I happened to catch the start of the Saints v. Falcons game the other week and I happened to see the magic that happens when Drew Brees gets the Saints pumped up for a game.

I played sports when I was in middle school and high school - basketball, volleyball and a season or two of soccer. Oh yeah, and there was that time I ran track and threw the shot-put. Seriously. I was part of a team, for sure, but I was certainly a bench warmer, fill in record keeper, go to line judge, coach confidant, and official water-getter. I never minded much that I didn't spend much time on the court. My father was always there in the stands and it never seemed to bother him that I didn't ever play. He enjoyed just being involved in that part of my life and I guess maybe he had a deeper appreciation for what it meant for me to be a member of a team. I suppose he understood the lessons I was learning about playing nicely with others and learning not to make excuses. I thank him and my coaches for always making me feel vital, even when the only thing I was doing was watching lines and gathering cups of Gatorade. Regardless of my role, when it was time for the game to start and we were in the huddle I felt like I was a part of something big. Maybe that is the reason I will always appreciate an energetic huddle...or maybe there is just something incredibly captivating about watching Drew Brees, this seemingly mild-mannered and affable guy, get seriously pumped.

Christian and James earlier tonight, post volleyball game and ASH victory where they were all very pumped:

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