Monday, November 16, 2009

Cool Fall Morning, 2009

Here is La Luz waiting so patiently for me to finish my very-rushed morning routine:

I hate that she is always the last kid to arrive at school, that we are screeching around the corner as the carpool line is winding down, long after the NOPD officer has taken off his orange vest and called it a morning. We live less than a mile from school and yet...It seems that no matter how early I wake up and how quickly I move in the morning there is always something that needs my attention, something to delay our departure - a loose hem, a last-minute decision that cold lunch sounds much better than whatever the cafeteria has to offer, the perfect photograph, scratchy socks and forgotten art projects. All of these things make us late but, mostly, it is me and my inability to select an outfit or be satisfied with the silly curl on the side of my head or find the perfect bracelet. I am a mama but still 100% a girl.

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Kitty Brown said...

Those pictures were definitely worth running late.