Monday, November 09, 2009

James, 10 Months

James is 10 months old today and he is 100% energy. He is into absolutely everything. He does not stop. He is babbling up a storm, carrying on conversations with himself, everyone around him, and nobody in particular. He is opening cabinets and slamming his fingers in doors. He is getting stuck on thresholds and cleaning the floors with his wriggling belly. He is smiling and laughing and screaming and crying and SHOUTING. He races around in his walker all over the house, chasing us. Nobody is safe, especially not Loki. We cower in corners and jump on furniture to protect our feet and he thinks it is the funniest game he has ever played. He is filled with love and joy and everything that is wonderful and, even though he wears us out every day, he is the perfect reminder to enjoy every single minute because soon he will be walking and then saying words and after that speaking in sentences and learning to tell time and tie his own shoes and I will be scratching my head trying to figure out where the time went.

The challenge of taking the monthly picture has reached new heights. I could only do it by strapping him in the highchair. So, here he is after a LONG day of wearing Christian out (the threat of Hurricane Ida shut the schools in NOLA down for the day so they were all stuck at home while I was working). There is nothing glamorous about the pictures. This is very much the way Jamesy looks at the end of the day:

Cute as ever...

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Kitty Brown said...

Sweet boy -- can't believe how BIG he's getting!