Sunday, November 22, 2009


James is finally at the age/stage when he can eat most 'table' food in addition to his canned baby food. Along with this ability comes the freedom to feed himself. I never understood why some moms stymied this developmental milestone and opted, instead, to feed their baby ever meal. Messiness was never an issue with La Luz. She was fastidious and fed herself in the most tidy manner imaginable for a baby. James is the polar opposite, and now I understand why there is a market for disposable mats to place underneath the highchair and why many people opt to disrobe their kids before mealtime. I also have a new appreciation for Loki and his keen ability to lick ground meat stick out of a seat buckle in less than 5 seconds.

I am not kidding, here, see for yourself:


Kitty Brown said...

But at least he's having fun!!

Beau said...

my cousin Ben's dog Zack quickly learned the best seat in the house was underneath Matthew (and subsequently Jordan)'s high chair.