Sunday, November 08, 2009


We spent most of Saturday in Thibodaux picking satsumas and grapefruit and checking on the progress of the sugar cane harvest. It was one of those perfect days - the weather was just right, the sunlight nice and warm, the birds were busy and singing, the sounds of the cane trucks - totally peaceful.

The satsumas are delicious this year and bountiful...more than making up for the poor performance last year.

My first one of the season, nature's candy:

James' first one of the season and of his life:

and on the porch and with me:

La Luz, enjoying the porch, getting ready for sunset:

and with Xian:

Loki, burning off some serious steam with Star:

He slept the entire time we were driving home.
My favorite shot of the weekend, courtesy of Christian's eye:


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Those are fabulous photos!