Wednesday, November 04, 2009


I have been feeling stressed out and anxious about work. Things have been a bit hectic both at the office and at home and I am just feeling sort of like my focus is off a bit and it is causing my mind to race and my heart to beat a little too fast (not in a good way). I wish that I could calm the nerves, alleviate the anxiety a bit and take a deep breath. I wish I could feel that if I try my best it is good enough. So, right now in particular, I am thankful for the beautiful distractions, the love and support of family and friends (GG's paella tonight was such an unexpected and incredibly welcome surprise - not to mention - it was delicious) and the preoccupation with wondering just how long we can wait to child-proof things around the house. James has become fixated with opening and closing things. I never understood all of the locks and switches and bars on top of doors and handles and toilet seats...until now. Forget about the millions of safe and entertaining toys around the house, all this guy wants to do is open La Luz's dresser drawers and proceed to open and close them until he catches his hand inside, whacks his head on an open drawer, or tries to pull up on it and dislodges it. The game never ends well.

Here are the two beautiful distractions earlier tonight, getting ready for a Thanksgiving story and carefree sleep:

The lighting was challenging (so was James - what a face!). I wish I had more time to learn how to take pictures.

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Kitty Brown said...

Sweet babies. Can't wait to see them (and you) soon!