Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Luz and James have enjoyed quite a few visits with various cousins over the summer. Last weekend Luz and James spent time with Edward and Helen and Betsy somehow managed to capture all four of them together:

I have enjoyed watching Luz and Edward grow up and totally appreciate how their relationship has evolved. It is heartwarming to watch them pick up where they last left off and spend hours together without the need for any parental supervision. They had a great time together last Saturday in the French Quarter and at the zoo. I took a few pictures but was mostly too preoccupied with the heat to concentrate on capturing the moment.

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Elizabeth Rinehart said...

So sweet! Edward is still talking about playing with "Woocy," and I can't even mention her name around Helen or she freaks out! I think the next generation of the PWAC-CC is off to a healthy start.