Sunday, August 15, 2010

Our Weekend

It was one of those remarkably 'weekendy' weekends - you know the kind. There weren't many plans but somehow what started out as a particularly mellow, aimless 48 hours became busy and exhausting in that end-of-summer kind of way.

On Saturday morning I let Christian sleep late and drank coffee while I watched this and smiled:

Luz, James and I headed to Lakeside in search of a carousel (that we apparently missed by a few days) and new lunchboxes for the start of the school year. I think Luz was actually relieved to learn the carousel was gone. I heard her exhale and she instantly became incredibly upbeat about the outing pointing out why all was not lost. She and James had fun running around anyway:

We had dinner with my Eustis cousins and their kids and it was crazy (like it always is when we get together) and Luz loved every minute of it

Maggie, Robert, and Uncle David:

Luz with her cousin Liam (I guess he is actually 1st cousin once removed):

Luz and Robert, flying a remote controlled heli in the foyer:

Mom-mom, Luz and Bill:

We spent most of the day today with the Eustis cousins swimming and then at the park with Luz's classmates getting too much sun and enjoying the hot but beautiful weather. Luz crashed at the end of the day and could barely keep her eyes open to wait up for Nana's arrival.

Nana flew in town tonight to stay with us for the next week. It is possibly the trickiest week of the year because it is the start of the school year and, wouldn't you know it, I have to be out of town for work. I have said it many times before and I know I will say it many times again, we are blessed, because there is absolutely no way we could do this without our family.


TOITA said...

nice to see the Eustis guys!!! So long since I last saw them...Also to see the Lakeside makes me even more homesick!! I think if I close my eyes I can actually walk the lakeside shop by shop! hahahaha!

Miss you guys!! Enjoy the last minutes of the summer!!



M C Brown said...

must see your children soon<<<<< going through withdrawls.