Tuesday, August 24, 2010

If God Is Willing

I spent an hour watching what was left of the second part of the latest Spike Lee documentary earlier tonight somewhat accidentally. I have done a decent job of staying away from most of the 'Katrina remembered' and 'Katrina revisited' broadcasts that have been clogging up the tv for the past few days, but tonight I got sucked in. I am glad I did. It certainly stirred up some old feelings and I didn't appreciate that particularly, but it was compelling and I am inspired to check out part one. From what I understand part one focuses a ton on the Saints and the Superbowl so I have a feeling it will be a bit easier on my nerves.

I generally try not to dwell on Katrina. It was a long time ago and is now, for me, a distant memory. That said, it only takes a smell or an image or even a quick thought to take me right back to how hopeless I felt five years ago.

I haven't looked back through my Katrina-era photographs in a while. I am inspired by the documentary and by seeing images of flooded belongings on my friend, Jennifer's, wall the other day. Maybe I will work up the nerve to take a look at them in honor of the anniversary. Then again, maybe I will just look at some of the pictures from last weekend instead.

Luz, my Katrina baby, and Papa-T:

Papa with Jamesy:


Waiting for pizza:

Yes, this is much more fun.

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