Monday, August 09, 2010

Droid X

Have you seen this guy yet:

I ordered one today and am still just a bit unsure about my decision. I am a Blackberry girl for sure. I love the keypad, the software, the way my email 'looks' and the overall design and function. That said, I have a very outdated Curve. In pink (supposedly the only color they had in stock the day I went shopping). I can barely open pdf documents, can do very little in the way of internet browsing and have no extra-special features that make the phone worth holding on to. On top of that, I am do for a new phone - have been for weeks. I am ready for something that does more than the Curve and, with all the love I am getting from Verizon (upgrade, rebate, and customer loyalty incentives) it would be crazy to pass up the opportunity to get the newest and best Verizon has to offer.

I know there are detractors and I know it is not the Iphone (sniff, sniff - but I LOVE Verizon and I will never return to AT&T) but this looks like an incredible device. I am a little worried about the size of the phone. My hands are tiny and it is easily one of the wider phones I have ever held. I think it will get old when I am on those hour-long phone calls with my sister but, other than that, it should not present a problem.

At any rate, it ships in a few days and I hope to have it up and running shortly thereafter. I will provide you with a full report once I am (somewhat) up to speed.

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Ryan Waldron said...

My wife is very faithful to Verizon and is looking to get a new phone, oh which the droid X is one of the leading candidates. Wat do you think so far?