Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Some Of James' Favorite Things

These days his tastes are changing quickly and I am, yet again, reminded about the mind being like a sponge in babies. I wish I could have a few of the synapses at work in James' brain. At any rate, it is fun and exciting and endlessly entertaining to watch him figure out what is going on in the world around him.

He has no lovey, no paci, no thumb to suck but is still totally addicted to a bottle of milk before bed. He doesn't need the calories and drinks out of a sippy cup with ease, but I just can't break the habit. Not yet. With Nana's help we put an end to a naptime bottle but there is something about that quiet 15 minutes we have together while he drinks his bottle - rocking in the chair, naming all of the objects in the room, counting fingers and toes - that I am just not ready to give up. Soon though. I promise.

Here are some of the things he loves other than his bottle:

These "soft" cars are a mama's answer to the matchbox ones we all grew up with. This new line comes in every size and shape imaginable and James loves them. They are the perfect size for toddler hands and come in bright, attractive colors:

Tiana and her friends...anything to do with Tiana...the closest thing he has to a lovey is Luz's Tiana beach towel, which he occasionally sleeps with:

Buzz Lightyear...he loves him and I can't ever tell if he is asking for his Buzz figure or the soft toy school 'bus' from the collection mentioned above:

This was Luz's and she kindly put it in his crib before he was born. He sleeps with it every night:

He prefers these frozen and would eat an entire box in a day if I let him:

He would eat these (or some variation of them) all day long and might very well at daycare. He learned about them from watching Luz, of course:

When Luz was a baby we read Tumble Bumble by Felicia Bond every night and I memorized it. James is also a Felicia Bond fan, this is his pick (and I almost have it memorized as well):

For days when he is looking for something more cerebral, James turns to National Geographic. Seriously...best investment ever. He could flip pages of our back issues for hours on end. My child for sure:

So, for those of you curious about the likes and dislikes of an 18 month old, there you have it!


Kelsea said...

I remember reading Tumble Bumble to Lucy back when she used to mumble those words and it meant she was sleepy. I also, myself, had a gloworm. I can't believe they are still around and haven't creeped anyone out yet.

The Gimlet Eye said...

I cannot believe that gloworm still exists....such a weird 70s/80s toy! I am in awe that the tikes still find it "cool."