Sunday, August 08, 2010


We took a spin around Audubon Park early this morning with Luz's new bike, Rosebud. While many of the kids in her class are mastering the art of riding a two-wheeler, Luz is still tackling the challenge of training wheels. Remember, this is the kid who is terrified of carousels and only recently conquered her fear of rocking horses. Baby steps, truly. It was no small accomplishment. It was incredily hot and there was some serious pedaling going on. She hasn't quite figured out that pedals are simple machines that can operate without too much effort.

Starting out, on a roll:

Post ride, so hot:

By the ducks:

After stopping to feed the ducks and spend time on the playground, we had breakfast at P.J.'s and window-shopped at Magic Box while Christian small gift to him in celebration of our 11th Anniversary. 11 years, yikes.

Please let us in, no, really:


Kitty Brown said...

Go Lucy, go! Maybe once she's learned to ride a bike, she can teach me.

Kelsea said...

Happy Anniversary, Y'all!

Anonymous said...

Oh I am so bad this year, Belated happy Anniversary! I am so sorry. I did think of it at one point and I said it was too early to call you...sorry I hope you had a wonderful day! I can't believe how the time has flown. Many many more years to you both. Love always Nana