Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What's On My Mind

I really can't wait to see this:

I admit it, I love Julia Roberts. I know I am probably in the minority, but I enjoy her movies and can tolerate a two hour escape from reality with her as the main character. That said, the main character in the book (I read it when it came out years ago) is so incredibly obnoxious that I am wondering how I will react to Julia Roberts as this character. I cringed at the navel-gazing deconstruction of her marriage and yawned through her self-righteous globe-trotting BUT the story was compelling and in the end I was even inspired to read more of Gilbert's books (but I never did). I am looking forward to seeing how it translates to a movie and I will be sure to give a brief review.

Oh yeah, I miss this:


Kitty Brown said...

Agreed all the way around. I found the book to be amazingly self-indulgent (more so than most memoirs, even though it sort of goes with the territory), but am looking forward to the movie to see what Mrs. Moder does with it.

TOITA said...

Hey! I am a Julia fan too!! Nothing to be proud of, but I admit it, since you already did!! hehehe!

Miss you guys! and good luck with your new cell phone!!