Thursday, June 21, 2007

Don't Know What I'll Do

This is my 200th nolababy post. I had no conception of what I wanted the blog to be when I started. I had no long-term goals. Mostly I just wanted a place to record my thoughts about life with La Luz and it has served me well in that respect. I think most bloggers do special posts when they reach the 100th post but that one came and went a while back and I must've been busy editing discovery responses or microwaving meat sticks. At any rate, I figured I should include something a little different for my 200th post. I don' t have time to do a list of 200 things about me you might not know so you will have to be satisfied with a list of some of my favorite things and other odds and ends.

Favorite Books/Collections
Into Thin Air, Naked, Their Eyes Were Watching God, Who Will Run the Frog Hospital,
A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, Unbearable Lightness of Being

Favorite Bands/Musicians
Radiohead, Beatles, Cocteau Twins, Wilco, the Decembrists, Elliot Smith, Belle and Sebastian, Coldplay (yea, so), the Innocence Mission, the Stars, any band Mark Kozelak sings with

Favorite Movies
LA Story, Magnolia, The Big Sleep, Grand Canyon, So I Married An Axe Murderer, Red/White/Blue, To Live, Raise The Red Lantern

Favorite TV
Lost; Entourage; Big Love; Little People, Big World; Top Chef; Rescue Me (if it ever comes on again); The Daily Show. One day about a year ago I decided I shouldn't watch MTV anymore and now I don't, ever.

Favorite Drinks
Iced Coffee, Water, Wine (white and red just not sweet)

Favorite Smells
Night blooming jasmine, sweet olive, Votivo red currant candles, aveda shampure shampoo, La Luz after a bath, burning sugar cane fields

Favorite Pastimes
Reading, listening to music, watching movies, running, pilates, traveling, photography, hanging out with Christian, La Luz and Loki

Favorite Foods
Breakfast but only the sweet stuff - no eggs or breakfast meats, sushi, ice cream

Heights, public speaking (well, looking like an ass, and I worry that is what happens when I speak publicly)

Coming home after a long day of work, a good book, a good cup of coffee, a good song, a good
movie, traveling with Christian, group hugs

We are off to Atlanta on Saturday. Christian, La Luz and Loki will stay for two weeks, I will be back here to work for a week and then will join them in Atlanta for 4th of July. In the interim, there likely will not be much to report, so posts will be few and far between.

Here are a few pictures of La Luz, looking like a rapscallion, from earlier today:


lindavaicius said...

Now that was different and very interesting. finally, something about (mom) who deserves her own blogspot from time-to-time. very nice!

Christian said...

Some other things Julie loves but forget to mention...

Books...Helprin, Hemingway, and anything that McSweeneys the publisher does...she is McSweeney's obsessed. She might even list a new McSweeneys book under favorite smells, she actually smells them.
Bands...She forgot Jeff Buckley and REM. She went to Georgia partly due to REM so if she didn't like them then we never would have met. I owe my marriage to Michael Stipe?? yikes. A love of Jeff Buckley was one of our first things that we shared She currently makes me listen to Blonde Redhead all the time. She also loves all the music her brother Josh makes, and he made her fall in love with Sigur Ros and Blonde Redhead.
Movies...She can list various films that she loves but Julie just loves the movie experience more than anything. The smell of popcorn, sticky coke covered floors, the taste of a well made icee and the few minutes of previews make a perfect evening for Julie. She created in me an appreciation for movies, all kinds of movies, she is not a judgmental moviegoer, she just appreciates the experience.
Some Foods she missed...
Grapefruit, I think she has had a grapefruit a day for the past 5 years. GELATO, if you read this regularly you know by now that Julie likes to make a weekly GELATO trip. Coffee but especially PJs coffee. I remember my first PJS experience with Julie like it was yesterday. In her high school yearbook they said that she would be the most likely to own a PJs. If you add up the cost of every cup of PJS she has had I bet she would own several cafes.
Some random things that Julie loves...
A really clean counter
A freshly made bed, military corners
buying fresh fruit, no seriously just buying fresh fruit
Shopping for books and CDs(all this is a dying art form)
Lounging by a pool
She might deny it but she loves to brush her teeth, it takes me about 60 seconds it takes Julie like 3 minutes. And I know she likes it, she really likes it.
She likes driving a clean car

Julie's favorite thing right now is a Lucy Face Grab. When Lucy is really excited about something and she needs to tell you about it, she gently grabs your cheeks with open hands, pulls herself to about 3 inches from your nose and proceeds to tell you how great the thing is that has made her so excited. We call it the Lucy Face Grab and Julie smiled all night the last time it happened. It is a rare experience but I am certain it is Julie's favorite thing right now.

I love you! And we will both miss you next week.