Sunday, June 03, 2007

Take Me Away

In retrospect it seems like we packed an incredible amount of activity into 48 hours. I suppose that is why I am not necessarily feeling well-rested. I don't like Sunday nights; I never have. I hate thinking about the doldrums of the work week, the routine, the ennui, the stress. It is a shame that I have not figured out how to suck every last bit of joy out Sunday night instead of spending it preoccupied with what lies ahead. I made a valiant effort tonight. La Luz, Christian, and I went to the museum around 8 to catch the Femme Femme Femme exhibit, which is open tonight until midnight. I am a total procrastinator and waited until almost the zero hour to catch it and I am glad we went. La Luz enjoyed it too - though I think she was most excited about leaving the house at night, in p.j.s, with bun bun and about the stop at Brocato's for ice cream on the way home.

Friday night was an uncharacteristically late night for us. Earlier in the day Christian took the Lifesavas, a hip hop band from Portland, on the Katrina tour. The Lifesavas contacted Christian because they are friends with the Decembrists, the band that Christian took on the same tour a few months ago when they were in town for a show. Hip hop is absolutely not my thing. Way back when I used to dig A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul but that was about the extent of my interest and my ipod is noticeably devoid of any sort of hip hop these days. The Lifesavas gave Christian passes to their show so we decided to check it out even though it didn't even start until 11:30. I did not have high expectations going into it but the show was excellent and opened my mind a bit. I guess I am not too old to be exposed to new music. Who would have thought that I would enjoy the music of a band who has a guest appearance by a gentleman named, Smif' N' Wessun.

La Luz and I met up with Jen, baby Betsy and Michelle for coffee on Saturday morning. It was wonderful to see Michelle. We were in law school together and now she lives in Houston and I get to see her very rarely so it was a nice treat to spend a few hours with her. After coffee, I headed to the north shore with Jessie and Tiffany to spend the day in the sun at Kim's where we lounged around in the pool and were, essentially, waited on hand and foot by Brad. It was absolute luxury and a rejuvenating afternoon for me. Meanwhile, Christian and La Luz went to the Freret Street Festival where La Luz apparently danced until she dropped while watching Sunpie. On Saturday La Luz spent the night at mom-mom's so Christian and I had a lovely night to ourselves - dinner at Martinique, which was excellent and then we went to see, Knocked-Up. It was crass but totally entertaining and hilarious.

We spent most of the day today doing yard work. Christian unearthed the beach toys in anticipation of our upcoming beach vacation and La Luz immediately started playing with them. I think she is ready:

3 comments: said...

Sounds like a very nice weekend indeed. I too have always dreaded Sunday nights. Nice to know I am not alone.

Anonymous said...

O.K. I dread Sunday days but love sunday nights. I work on sundays 9 am to 6pm but then have mondays and usually tuesdays off, funny huh?

VaVa said...

Well, I just drop by and saw these adorable little girl's photographs. She's so cute!