Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Portrait Of The Artist

Christian and La Luz had a lot of time together today, a lot. I had a long day at work followed by a brief 45 minutes in the house (where I was sort of busy notarizing some paperwork for Catherine's friends and locating some Baby Einsteins for poor little Betsy with the too-long cast) and then I was off to the Palace for one of my favorite events - impromptu movie night with the Banos women (those that were around and available) and Uncle Edward. Tonight's feature - The Waitress. I enjoyed it because it was quirky and sweet and touching and I recommend it, but I do so with a big caveat, the star is Kerri Russell (aka, Felicity) and, as far as I am concerned, she can do no wrong. I often love the event of impromptu movie night more than the movie itself simply because there is nothing like hearing mom wince when something troubling is going to happen, finishing the popcorn of who ever had 'eyes bigger than their stomach', and then spending time afterwards discussing whether we liked the movie and what we are supposed to take with us from it.

Meanwhile, Christian and La Luz hung out and played with some of the purchases made today during their afternoon outing to Le Jouet. Contrary to my post yesterday, occasionally Christian takes pictures that aren't staged. Here are some examples:

and then La Luz's first stab at photography (yes, with my prized possession, the thing I love most out of all of my stuff, even more than my Motorolla Q):

Interesting composition, good lighting...maybe I should let her play with camera more often.


TOITA said...

WOOOOWWWWW! interesting blog!! Some comments...
1) I love "movie girls night out"!!! That`s th best....
2)Nice Decembrist T-shirt for La Luz!!!!!
3) That is what I call "the love of a mother to her child". Did she really use "your precious"?!?!?hahahaha!
and 4) nice picture Lucy girl!!!!!!

Take care you all and have a nice week end!!

Scarlet said...

My friend from Hollywood always seems to be in films/TV that Keri Russell is in (Mission Impossible III, We Were Soldiers, etc.), so I'll ask her if she knows her. If she does, and can hook us up with her, would that entice you for a girls' weekend in L.A.??????