Thursday, May 24, 2007

Why I Like New Books

I got home from a long day to find a present from Christian. He picked up a copy of Dave Eggers' new book of short stories, How We Are Hungry. How great is that? There is nothing like the feel of a new book - so crisp and clean - no eyelashes in the creases and grease stains in the corners. I want to be all about used books and libraries but something stops me - my cleanliness compulsion - or maybe just how much I love the way it feels when you are the first person to turn a page.

Tomorrow afternoon my three-day weekend begins and I can't wait. We are off to Birmingham for a wedding but will be back on Sunday. I am looking forward to spending Monday with La Luz doing sweet f.a.

Here's a picture of La Luz just before bedtime:

As huggable as the gigantic teddy bear from GG and Papa George.

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TOITA said...

hahaha! I can`t resist that face!!! She is SO beautiful...
I have the same feeling about new`s like getting a new toy!!!

Love you,