Thursday, May 10, 2007

Cut From The Same Mold

For some reason this week I have been demoted to "least favorite parent". It comes in waves and I understand it and, generally speaking, it doesn't bother me. Today I was sort of irked though. When I got home from work Christian and La Luz were ensconsed watching The Little Mermaid and my presence in the house after being gone ALL DAY basically went unnoticed, with the exception of Loki who is always good for a big hello after a long day. Here they are, oblivious:

And to add insult to injury, I really don't like cartoons of any type, especially the Disney type. I hate the profound, aching sadness, it overwhelms me. It all started with Bambi and Dumbo. Christian, on the other hand, loves cartoons. He even admitted to seeing this particular one in the movie theater. I find that very strange, though he claims he has a perfectly legitimate explanation having something to do with a girl that he really liked at the time. Sounds suspicious to me. Well, now he has somebody new to watch cartoons with. Meanwhile, I suppose I will do some laundry, because there is nothing I would rather do after a long day at work.


Scarlet said...

I think Jennifer Love Hewitt was the inspiration for Ariel -- at least that's what I've heard.

Stacey said...

Julie, I honestly think you are too hard on yourself sometimes. It is hard to be both working mom and then change roles to be "mommy" when you get home. From experience, children go through phases of "favorite parent" so don't fret. I don't actually think Christian will be the favorite when it comes to pedicures and manicures, boys, and shopping! Am I right? My girls love shopping, but Natalie is a total Daddy's girl. Hang in there. She'll be hanging on your leg in no time. Enjoy not having the complete tugging while you can :) Love, Stace

TOITA said...

Hey Jules!!
Don`t worry, it is true that in a couple of years you will be the one to go shopping etc etc..And we`ve already talked about how this works..Daddy`s girls..Mummy`s just wait and try to survive Little Mermaid and other cartoons to come...hehehe!
Thanks god we have Loki!!