Monday, May 21, 2007

You Can Hear It In Their Voices How You've Made Them Proud

Tomorrow is Molly's birthday and I think she will be mortified if I become effusive about how incredible I think she is and how much I love and miss her. So, instead of getting sentimental yet again about my baby sister, I am posting one of my favorite pictures of her from when she was about La Luz's age:

and one of my recent favorites:

Happy Birthday Molls, with all of our love.


NOLAcathie said...

Happy Birthday dear Molly!
We thank God for the precious gift of you, and thank you for beautifying and enriching our lives in ways immeasurable.

With birthday wishes as high as the sky, gratitude beyond words, and hearts full of love and affection for you, we hope you have a wonderful day today and that your 27th year will be your best yet.

Hugs and kisses,
Mom and Dad

AJ said...

Happy Birthday to dear Molly, I wished you a Happy birthday today at Mass. Hope you had a great day and that this year is very special for you. Much love and a big hug to very special Godchild. i love you very much, AJ