Tuesday, May 15, 2007

As Close As Hands And Feet

I love my siblings and am blessed to have such awesome people in my life. Here's what is new in their lives:

Molly graduates from Columbia with her MFA tomorrow and is working on another play which I will provide details about when they become available.

Josh is in Europe on tour and his band, Telefon Tel Aviv, just released a new cd.

Richmond just finished a semester of Ph.D. work at LSU, composed a nice review of the new Elliot Smith posthumous, double disc cd which is up at www.athensexchange.com, and is now somewhere in the North Carolina woods hiking and teaching a few kayaking classes.

How cool are they? How lucky is La Luz to be part of such an interesting family. How much do I miss having them around...


Christian said...

Len's website has a funny url.
It made me laugh.

athen sex change.com instead of
athens exchange

Sorry but I saw it.

TOITA said...

WOW!! And I may add, that Julie is a hard work and awesome lawyer AND mom..She is the one who will keep all of us out of trouble, if we happen to get in some!! hehehe!

Take care you guys!

Julie Vaicius said...

Yea, the website is funny but it is legit, I promise.
Also, I think Molls is technically getting an MFA

Jessie said...

I thought it was "sex change!" I was so confused....
PS--I know where that picture of Richomond was taken! :)

catherine said...

y'all are all so beautiful!
love neets