Sunday, May 13, 2007

A Way To Make Me Smile

I am in the difficult position of having two extremely important events to discuss on my post today. It is Mother's Day as well as Christian's 33rd birthday. Christian has a way of inserting his special events into the middle of other, very important things. For example, La Luz was born on Father's Day, and yea, he wasn't quite a dad at that point, but you get the idea. Thanks to mom-mom and pop babysitting for us last night we didn't have to do rock-paper-scissors to figure out which event merited the gift of sleeping late.

Since Mother's Day is techinically about me it feels a bit narcissistic to write much about it but it is also about my mom, and my mother-in-law, and my aunts, and my grandmother and all of the beautiful mothers who are a part of me. It would be a waste to not take advantage of the opportunity to thank them all because each one of them - in gigantic and also subtle ways - provides the example for how I behave as a mother and what kind of a mother I am to La Luz.

So far, so good; wouldn't you say?

I know that I am blessed with incredible role models and for that I will always feel lucky. So, thank you to all of you - thank you for your example and your love.

Thirty-three years ago today Christian was born in a small town outside of Boston. And meanwhile, down in New Orleans, my 8 month-old heart was full.

Happy Birthday Christian. Thank you for figuring out early on in our relationship that iced-coffee and mix tapes are about all that is needed to make me happy. Thanks for not stopping there though and for spending every day of your life since then figuring out what else makes me happy. Thanks for thinking I am funny and clever and for insisting that people are inherently good and for making me listen to incredible new songs that you know I am going to love and for finding books I don't know have been published. Thanks for La Luz and for enjoying every minute of our life with her - sitting peacefully on the front porch next to me while we watch her pick apart the lantana and Loki dig up the azaleas every day- while inside I know you are probably aching to travel. Thanks for making us feel like the most important people in the world.

With all of my love.

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TOITA said...

I`ll take the 2x1 combo and say:

HAPPY MOTHER`S DAY to you Jules!! You are an awesome Mom...I know I am not very objective on that..but I can tell by the way Lucy is are doing a great job my friend!!
And last but not least AT ALL. Happy BIRTHDAY DUDE!!!! Hope you had a great day too, and I will say as an "extra member" of the family, that you are all that I wanted for my friend to have as a husband and father of her kids...And of course I have to say you are a great and very dear friend to me...and a good aprentice on the "gaucho lifestyle"hahaha

Love and miss both of you!!