Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Readers Meet Authors

Tonight Christian took care of La Luz while I did two very important things. I worked late and then met Nelia and Jen for dinner at Crepe Nanou. It was nice to get in an extra hour of work to start the week off but the best part of the evening, and probably the highlight of my week, was having a few hours to visit with Neila and Jen. It is amazing how rarely we get to spend time together what with all the child rearing and working. It is strange that most of what we know about each other's lives is from reading the blogs. You can see for yourself: www.theredstick.blogspot.com and www.betsybourgeois.blogspot.com

Around the Vaicius house things weren't as wonderful. Although La Luz started off her day like this:

It ended with a badly skinned knee, serious tears, and an early bed time so I did not get a chance to see her. According to Christian, La Luz insisted on walking Loki and at some point he pulled too hard and, being the diligent dog-walker that she is, La Luz refused to let go of the leash and, instead, toppled over. The result - the first of many skinned knees.


NOLAcathie said...

Sorry about Lucy's skinned knee.
Letting go when it's time to is a hard lesson to learn, even if it's just the dog's leash.

Glad to see naked baby resurfaced.
Looks to me like she's spent the past few "in absentia" months suntanning herself on some exotic beach, or...living in a dirt pit somewhere else much, much less exotic.

toita said...

Hey!!! Poor my Lucy Girl!!! I guess she will think twice now when Loki wants to go for a walk with her...
Miss you all and tell my Dora girl I miss her too!!


Christian said...

The Boyd girls borrowed Nekked Baby.

NOLAcathie said...

Aha, the mystery of the "disappearing nekked baby" is solved.
No beach escapade, no dirt pit, but "visiting" at the home of friends...
In that case, I'm sure she was well-loved and cared for.

TOITA said...

Yep, thank god it was not Dora or Diego..or any of that family!!!
I wonder where is the "extra Dora"???
Hope you guys find her soon!!