Monday, May 28, 2007

And The Sweetest

Three-day weekends are incredible but also gut-wrenching in their own way. After a somewhat busy but excellent weekend I had a slow, relaxing, lovely day with La Luz while Christian worked. The downside is that I had such a nice day I now dread returning to the office, much moreso than I do after an average weekend.

Christian, La Luz and I went to the Greek Fest on Friday night with Richmond. The weather was perfect and it was not too crowded so we had a great time. La Luz enjoyed her first baklava sunday and spent most of the evening on the edge of the sandbox, too prissy to actually get sand on her feet. It will be interesting to see what happens when we go to the beach in two weeks.

On Saturday I went to Birmingham for a wedding and left La Luz and Christian to their own devices. We had planned on going together and leaving La Luz with Kitty and Tucker during the wedding but by Friday night La Luz was not feeling great so I decided I would go by myself. It worked out perfectly for me because I got to ride with Jen and Peter which meant that I had hours to talk to Jen (something that rarely happens these days), hours to read plenty of magazines, and a nice hotel room all to myself. The wedding was really pretty and was over around 8 so Jen and I had a few hours to shop at the mall attached to our hotel. I slept until 730 Sunday morning and lounged around in bed watching CBS Sunday morning (one of my old favorite pastimes and something I consider indulgent these days) uninterrupted - it was totally rejeuvenating. I loved the opportunity to have some relaxing time to myself but I missed Christian and La Luz terribly. I am not sure I would trade the benefits of time to myself for missing those two because I almost prefer the chaos and the love when we are together to the peace and heartache when we are apart.

Here are some of the weekend highlights.

La Luz at the doctor's office on Saturday morning.

With the daisy Christian grew and picked.

At Daneel Park with me earlier today.

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