Friday, June 22, 2007

Maybe It Is More Information Than You Wanted

Below is Christian's comment to my 200th post. All of it is true (well, not the part about the sticky movie theater floor, that actually really grosses me out in a major way). I think he knows me pretty well and his memory is much better than mine.

Books...Helprin, Hemingway, and anything that McSweeneys the publisher does...she is McSweeney's obsessed. She might even list a new McSweeneys book under favorite smells, she actually smells them. Bands...She forgot Jeff Buckley and REM. She went to Georgia partly due to REM so if she didn't like them then we never would have met. I owe my marriage to Michael Stipe?? yikes. A love of Jeff Buckley was one of our first things that we shared She currently makes me listen to Blonde Redhead all the time. She also loves all the music her brother Josh makes, and he made her fall in love with Sigur Ros and Blonde Redhead. Movies...She can list various films that she loves but Julie just loves the movie experience more than anything. The smell of popcorn, sticky coke covered floors, the taste of a well made icee and the few minutes of previews make a perfect evening for Julie. She created in me an appreciation for movies, all kinds of movies, she is not a judgmental moviegoer, she just appreciates the experience. Some Foods she missed... Grapefruit, I think she has had a grapefruit a day for the past 5 years. GELATO, if you read this regularly you know by now that Julie likes to make a weekly GELATO trip. Coffee but especially PJs coffee. I remember my first PJS experience with Julie like it was yesterday. In her high school yearbook they said that she would be the most likely to own a PJs. If you add up the cost of every cup of PJS she has had I bet she would own several cafes. Some random things that Julie loves... A really clean counter A freshly made bed, military corners buying fresh fruit, no seriously just buying fresh fruit Travel Shopping for books and CDs(all this is a dying art form) Lounging by a pool She might deny it but she loves to brush her teeth, it takes me about 60 seconds it takes Julie like 3 minutes. And I know she likes it, she really likes it. She likes driving a clean car Julie's favorite thing right now is a Lucy Face Grab. When Lucy is really excited about something and she needs to tell you about it, she gently grabs your cheeks with open hands, pulls herself to about 3 inches from your nose and proceeds to tell you how great the thing is that has made her so excited. We call it the Lucy Face Grab and Julie smiled all night the last time it happened. It is a rare experience but I am certain it is Julie's favorite thing right now. I love you! And we will both miss you next week.

And because they are so cute, two pictures of La Luz that mom-mom took earlier today:


Scarlet said...

Here's my top 10 list of things that I love about Aunt Julie:
1. She goes with me to The French Quarter whenever I'm in town, because I love it so, even though it's tres touristy and probably annoys her.
2. She's the coolest cat around.
3. She's a wonderful mother.
4. She loves unconditionally.
5. She handles adversity with overwhelming grace.
6. She is the healthiest eater I know - I can feel her disapproval whenever I'm at the drive-thru of Wendy's.
7. She helped me so much when I had my babies -- including showing me how to change diapers, and making me and my children feel so special!
8. She's the best friend a girl could ever have.
9. Gorgeous!
10. She gives us this wonderful blog, so we can keep up with her full life.

TOITA said...

Hey Jules!! I just love Christian`s comment...and I can add maybe the bread and strawberry lemonade at Jazz fest??.
And clean the computer`s room on a random night?? hahah..
My friend...because of all that and what is above my comment, is that I am grateful to have you as one of my dearest friends, and CADIE sister.
I can`t ask for more, and above all because you gave me Lucy as a niece, and Christian as my "dude"
Take Care,