Monday, June 11, 2007

We Walk In Song

Courtesy of Christian, I had some new tunes to listen to at work while I was wallowing in self-pity, thinking about him and La Luz and how they would be palin' around all day, thick as thieves and something like this by the time I returned from work:

The May mix, or rather the March, April, May mix is in and it is filled with some gems:

Feist - My Man, My Moon and 1234
Peter Bjorn and John - Young Folks and Objects Of My Affection
The Clientele - Since K Got Over Me and E.M.P.T.Y.
Lavender Diamond - Open Your Heart and You Broke My Heart
Laura Veirs - Don't Lose Yourself and Cast A Hook
Gruff Rhys - Candylion and Lonesome Words
The Innocence Mission - Love That Boy and Into Brooklyn, Early In The Morning
Dean Warehem & Britta Phillips - Words You Used To Say
The American Analog Set - Million Young and The Kindness Of Strangers
The Submarines - Peace & Hate and Brighter Discontent
Voxtrot - Everyday and This Place Has Got No Soul, Kid

Generally Christian included one song for him and one for me, though there is some overlap and it is occasionally hard to tell. My favorites today are the Lavender Diamond song, Open Your Heart, and the American Analog Set song, The Kindness of Strangers. Lavender Diamond opened for The Decembrists last time they played here and I enjoyed their set but found them to be a very strange group. I think the songs on this mix are beautiful. I always enjoy a good Innocence Mission song and can't help but love anything Dean Warehem and Britta Phillips do, so those songs were nice treats. The Peter Bjorn and John songs are more for Christian and La Luz, all that whistling is a bit much for me but I have seen them dancing to it. The Voxtrot songs were more nice surprises and I loved the Submarines and the Clientele tracks as well. The Gruff Rhys songs are the most interesting by far. They are reminiscent of something but I can't figure it out yet - great use of the xylephone in the intro to Candylion. I have no idea where the lead singer (Mr. Rhys, perhaps) is from but his accent sounds French or Portugese, no tellin'. The Feist and Laura Veirs songs are perfect. Christian probably heard them and knew instantly I would love them - beautiful female vocals, perfect melodies, so sweet and so lovely.


TOITA said...

Nice!! I can see myself another couple of hours listening to some of them for my ipod, on my next trip!!! hahahaha! It is amazing how Christian can select music for others...At least the ones he told me i MUST have, I am loving them...and also gave me a good tip on how to download to my PC. Lucky you my friend!!! hahaha!
It is nice to see Lucy girl back as herself, those pics from last week where so sad!!
Enjoy the summer, here it seems like all of a sudden we are in London, fogy and freezing!

Take care..Miss you all


Christian said...

Gruff is welsh and the singer of the Super Furry Animals.

Anonymous said...

yay! i love american analog set and have been listening to them lately too xoxo neets