Tuesday, June 05, 2007

What It's Like Out West

With the exception of a few trips to Houston and then my honeymoon in California, I have very little exposure to what lies west of New Orleans. Pop returned from his road trip with Richmond late last night and we joined him and mom-mom for dinner tonight and got to hear about some of the highlights of the trip. We also got to check out the great loot Pop and Richmond picked out for us - a stuffed moose for La Luz (which she refers to as her deer) and a t-shirt from Yellowstone, buffalo jerky for Christian, and a cool Yellowstone trivet for me which will come in very handy. It sounds like they had an incredible time and I only hope that I have a chance to see some of what they have seen sometime in my life. Here's just one picture of some of the sights.

Richmond said he will be posting more on his flickr site soon so I will eventually have a link.

I have some work to do tonight and am edgy because La Luz seems to be - maybe - sick. She wasn't acting like herself tonight and was running a bit of a fever and refused to take any Tylenol. I guess it is just one more thing to complicate the already somewhat confusing and chaotic summer schedule - who is going where when, who is dropping off, who is picking up. What would we do without mom-mom? This would all be almost impossible. So, here I sit, fingers crossed, hoping this will pass and tomorrow morning she will be back to her old self, singing in her crib and instead of juggling schedules and making plans I will be daydreaming about my future trip out west.

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Anonymous said...

Yikes -- I hope Lucy rallies. Potentially sick baby + pulling a second shift of work at home = no good at all. On another note, we're excited to see you guys next weekend!