Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Sun Is About To Come Up

Christian went to a bachelor party in Mississippi over the weekend so La Luz and I were on our own. We chilled out for most of the weekend to ensure that La Luz had a full recovery. By Friday evening she was feeling better and had enough energy to practice her newest trick:

I watched Mira Nair's, Vanity Fair with Reese Witherspoon on Friday night. I loved it. I thought it was beautiful to look at and made the story much more interesting to me. For some reason I struggled through the book, all the while believing that I should have been much more entertained. The movie filled in all of the missing links for me.

On Saturday, fueled by the scones and brownies that Jessie dropped off, La Luz and I went to the Crescent City Farmers Market and ran a few errands.

I watched a few episodes of Big Love on Saturday night, yet another recorded program that I knew Christian would not ever want to see. I am starting to get a bit addicted to it and I have no idea why. I don't particularly like any of the characters. I feel no sympathy for any of their struggles and I find the whole story bizarre, and yet, I am hooked. I can't explain it.

Christian returned Sunday around noon to La Luz's screams of delight. My usefulness to her had long worn off and she needed a new face to look at. By Sunday evening she was outside, running after Loki, playing at the park, and covered in sweat.

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