Monday, June 07, 2010

Birmingham Adventure

Luz, mom-mom and I spent less than 48 in hours in Birmingham last weekend and, even though the adventure involved a break down in Heidleberg, Mississippi, we all had a fabulous time. Our dinner at Hot and Hot Fish Club was outstanding and the time we spent with family was lovely. Luz worked up enough courage to hold her twin cousins at the same time. She has Richmond on her left side and Stephen on her right side and they are total angels. I am in love.

I will fill you in on our trip later this week. I am still feeling somewhat wiped- out from the adventure and distracted but a few things around the house that need my attention (Stanley Steamer came to our house last week and proved to me that the choice of white tile for a kitchen floor might not be the stupidest decision ever. They also cleaned Luz's room, which required a massive moving about of the endless piles of toys - hence - my distraction)

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