Monday, June 14, 2010

What We Do There

When I was younger and we spent time on our sugar cane farm in Thibodaux I had tons of cousins around my age to play with so there was never a quiet moment. Sure, every now and then, particularly as I got older, I would sneak off to the hammock to read or throw on my shoes and head out into the cane fields for an evening run, but most of my memories are of the time I spent with my cousins, time when we got to know each other as well as brothers and sisters.

For James and Luz, the experience is something quite different. There are less children around and, consequently, less of the types of memories that I have. But this is not to say that things are any less magical or memorable. I spent some time over the weekend looking at it all through James' eyes, figuring out what about it was memorable and awesome to him. Mostly, it was the simple stuff:


The John Deeres:

The horses:

Beckoning the dogs (I know, looks like squat-thrusts or some other odd exercises but that is how he tries to get all animals to approach him):

Reprimanding the dogs:


Chasing after her, ever so patient and sweet:

Okay, it wasn't all memorable in a good way. There was the obligatory 'fussing because it is time to get dressed and put on shoes to go to dinner and mom brushed my hair too straight':

Going into town for dinner or whatever else you might need:

Not featured : throwing rocks into ditches, a very underrated pastime.
All of this is a far cry from the days of my youth, which sometimes looked like this:

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Cathie said...

simple pleasures in the next best place to paradise...timeless and priceless