Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Feeling My Age

I went to St. Charles Vision for an eye exam today. I have worn contacts for as long as I can remember and have become a master at extending the life of extended-wear contact lenses. Despite fully understanding the dangers, I rarely take my contacts out, shoot some solution in my eyes to start the day off and dread the thought of actually having to put glasses on.

I figured that it had been a year or so since my last exam. I learned today that it had been THREE, which means I have been wearing my contacts for way too long and need to get serious about taking them out and wearing my glasses now and then to let my eyes breathe a bit. That said, the doctor told me that, although my eyes look a little strained, he admitted that it is a consistent quality in someone with eyesight as bad as mine. At any rate, I am committed to taking better care of my eyes and wearing glasses now and then, but have I mentioned that I hate wearing glasses? I hate everything about wearing glasses, but most of all I hate the fact that I cannot see out of my glasses. I lack peripheral vision, I have something that makes the edges of my view fuzzy and I have an astigmatism that is basically not able to be corrected with glasses. Oh yeah, and I LOVE my contacts. LOVE them.

The reality check wasn't the worst part of the appointment though, the real let down was when he mentioned that I was "getting close to 40" and I am NOT, not really at least, and then asked me to do a reading test..."just to make sure we don't need to start thinking about reading glasses." I stared at him, mouth agape. Reading glasses are for OLD people, not me.

I felt like this:

But then started thinking that maybe it wouldn't be all that bad. Maybe I could try some cute Kate Spade reading glasses like this:

Or these totally awesome wooden reading glasses. They are made by Matteo Ragni, some Italian architect/designer who is barely out of college:

Or how about these necklaces glasses - certainly helps with the whole endless search for the glasses routine (sadly I think these are just decoration):

And maybe, just maybe, it would be the impetus for Lasik and I could be comfortable wearing glasses. Still though, I have never felt pretty in glasses. There is hope though - as long as I admit that I am much less sultry librarian and much more Tina Fey:

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