Thursday, June 10, 2010

Evening Stroll

One of the many things I love about our house is the neighborhood. It is, like most NOLA neighborhoods, lovely but not without its problems...crime is always a concern, street traffic can be a bit frightening when the kids are playing outside, and parking tends to be an issue at certain times of day. Cons considered, it is still perfect for us - walking distance to school/work for 3 out 4 people living here, 1 block from the parades, and fun to explore. Luz, James and I love to take evening strolls. Luz has taught James which steps are fun to climb, where to find the best rocks, and which houses the cats hide underneath. Tonight we stopped at the park on the corner for some jumping practice, spotted three lazy cats in the shade, stared at a couple enjoying a romantic dinner, giggled at a sweaty man on a treadmill, and watched two lizards look for their supper.

We took Loki with us so it was tough for me to get any good shots. Oh yeah, Luz actually changed for the event. She was dressed appropriately but decided a pre-walk wardrobe change was in order. Obviously, she picked it out.

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