Sunday, June 20, 2010

Missing Pop

There is so much to say about everything that has been happening recently. Most importantly, we celebrated Luz's 5th birthday. Yes, she is five. 5. And really it is tough to figure out where to begin to describe everything that has happened in her 4th year of life and how much she has grown and what an interesting and lovable person she is and how every age feels just a little more incredible to me than the last.

Oh, and it is Father's Day, and I would like to tell you all about what an incredible father Christian is and it goes way beyond the fact that he has no problem devoting hours of his life to being a human jungle gym.

And even though I am incredibly blessed and am surrounded by many other 'fathers' who love me like their own daughter and are all deeply rooted in my life, I am feeling nostalgic. So, while I should be making memories of the things that are happening now, my head and heart are lingering somewhere in my history, concentrating on the memories that were made years ago but seem just a bit extra-special to me now:

Me with Pop, swinging on the porch of the big house at White Plantation, circa 1979?


Jessie said...

That is a great pic of you and your dad.

TOITA said...

Nice Picture with Babe Jules!!! I miss him so much too!!!! But how lucky we are that we have him in our lives for so many years and to treasure such great times with him!!

all my love to Lucy and Xian...

Love and miss you!!!


Robincita said...

Happy birthday, Lucy! Whoa! Five! Unbelievable!