Tuesday, June 22, 2010


James has been completely brainwashed. Granted, he was drawn to the soccer ball (well, any spherical items) since he could crawl, but his love of soccer has reached a new level. He even picked a favorite team:

Christian has been watching the World Cup games quite a bit. In fact, if we are home, there is usually a game on if one is being broadcast. He is in a fantasy league and, consequently, is on top of all the scores and matches and knows the stats about who needs to win what games when and by how many points. I don't know any of the details, but I admit, I find myself a bit captivated too. What?

Let's face it, soccer players are easily the best-looking athletes around:


Neila said...

We got our issue of VF last month. Cal picked it up and asked when did we start getting gay porn????

TOITA said...

GOOOO JAMESYYYY!!! That's my boy!!!!! Awesome picture!! where did you get the Argentina shirt?? AMAZING!!!!!