Thursday, June 24, 2010

THE Movie Experience

If you haven't been yet, I highly recommend a trip to the newly refurbished and completely awesome Canal Place Theater. I took Nana to see Sex and the City 2 last week when she was in town and tonight dragged Mary Cox there to see Please Give. I really just wanted an excuse to visit with her and sit in a plush, leather chair in the middle of a cold, dark room drinking wine. Did I mention that they serve wine there (and beer, and martinis) or that they have specialty popcorn with truffle oil and that you can have dinner while you watch a movie (or just Junior Mints and a Coke if that's your thing)? At any rate, good or bad movie, it is an experience that should be shared by everyone in town.

Tonight's movie was Please Give. It was interesting. The theme is relatively simple - how do we balance our materialism with the suffering of others around us. Yes, that is maybe over-simplifying things, but it is the overarching idea. It was a bit heavy,and yet, I liked it. I laughed a bit, cringed a lot and felt heavy-hearted right when I was supposed to.

Meanwhile, I can't say it enough - it is super-hot around here. Super super hot. We've been eating lots of snowballs and running around the backyard in the hose and getting our money's worth out of the wading pool. I can't believe it can get any hotter. I won't believe it.

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The Gimlet Eye said...

Sno-Wizard! Duh! I haven't had a snoball yet, but am now dying for one. Did Jamesy get a haircut?