Thursday, June 03, 2010

Do You Remember This Feeling?

Summertime is officially here and even though we are dealing with typical NOLA showers, we can always find a break in the weather for splashing around. I have vivid memories of time spent in wading pools. Before we had a 'real' pool in Thibodaux we had a series of wading pools, each one fancier than the last. I remember being annoyed when people would track grass and mud in the pool. I remember fighting over the hose and I remember how refreshing the cool water felt. I was getting nostalgic and almost climbed in to join them:

Clearly, there was no room for me in there. The pool is tiny. Incidentally, I think I put that swim diaper on backwards. Don't judge; it's been a while since I last used one.

Luz and I are off to Birmingham with mom-mom for the weekend. We are finally going to meet our newest cousins (pictures soon!) and check out this restaurant:

I can't wait to tell you all about it.

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M C Brown said...

cant wait to see you! b'ham is waiting for you!