Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Burn, Refuel

There are too many reasons to count why I am lucky to live near family. Tonight, reason number 1,000 was last-minute babysitting courtesy of my sweet cousin Mary who is in town for the summer before she heads off to Italy. Returning the favor, I suppose, of the many nights and days I spent as her favorite babysitter, Mary again came to my rescue and stopped by tonight for an hour to keep an eye on La Luz while I took Loki for a quick run. But not only did Mary watch La Luz, when she arrived her hands were filled with dinner - for me - and it was delicious. It was a recipe from the Cooking Club cookbook and it included pancetta and cheese and white wine. With ingredients like that it goes without saying that I enjoyed every bite, though I imagine I cancelled out any of the calorie burning from the run.

Here's what La Luz was up to tonight, more of the driving the car stuff. Tonight the picture is in black and white so that it is not mistaken for a smilar picture taken on Monday night.


Christian said...

Hey Jules,
Thanks for the blog posts they let me feel less far away. Today was my first chance to read it and it was such a relief to see a few posts. We are having a great time. 2 days of work in Capulin which is on the northwest coast. No electricity, no running water. We dug 1400 feet of trench and filled it with pipe to bring water to an elementary school. Today we got back to Chinandega and we just went to the market and took the kids to see the dump where most of the people that live at the main project are from. I miss you guys so much. I love you and I can{t wait to see you Sunday late. PS I think I got a ride to our house I will call from Miami.

Anonymous said...

Wow! La Luz looks just like pop in this picture.