Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Halcyon Days Of Summer

Vacation is (almost) officially over for me and I just can't believe that I have to go to work tomorrow. I can't complain - a week of rest and relaxation is more than most people so I suppose I am lucky. La Luz enjoyed every minute of her time in Atlanta. She particularly misses hanging out with her cousin Liam, playing with all the toys Nana has at her house, climbing into and out of "Papa-T's" chair, swinging and sliding on all of the clean, safe public playgrounds, walking on the safe and well-maintained nature trails, and shopping in clean, well-stocked grocery stores where people want to help you (oh wait, that is what I particularly miss). She does not miss the driving and the traffic.

Most of our time in Atlanta was spent lounging around, which is precisely what I wanted to do. We swam, read books, watched movies, enjoyed leisurely dinners together and slept. On July 4th I ran the Peachtree Road Race for the third year and had a blast. It is quickly becoming an annual tradition for me. We spent the remainder of the day in Nana and Papa-T's backyard swimming and bbq-ing with friends we only get to spend time with in Atlanta. It was the perfect way to celebrate the holiday.

Here's La Luz in her 4th of July outfit - I think this is one that Christian's cousin Stacey sent a while back, very festive:

La Luz spent most of her time playing with Liam and in the doll house that Nana got for her. She was very particular (bossy) about who could go in and out of the house and when. I was invited inside twice during the course of the week and once I was in I had to sit there, in a chair built for a toddler, and eat imaginary crawfish for close to 45 minutes.

I also spent the week on baby watch. La Luz's Aunt Susan is going to have her baby any day now. I thought for sure it would come while we were in town - it only seemed fair that I would get to be there. No luck though. Instead of having a baby, she was busy chasing Liam around the pool and - yeah - cutting our hair, all of us, even La Luz got her first hair cut.

Christian, getting a good clean shave for Nicaragua:

and La Luz, just post her first haircut. Don't let the pout fool you, she loves it:

La Luz and Liam actually played together this year. During our trip to Atlanta for the 4th of July vacation last year they basically sat next to each other and stared or played independently. This year it was very different. They chased each other around the house, yelled and screamed, and generally enjoyed each others' company. They have both changed so much in one year.

Here they are on July 4th 2006:

and now on July 4th 2007:

And this is what I will miss the most now that we are home:

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