Monday, July 23, 2007

That Summertime Feeling

I have had a terrible time staying focused at work this past month. I think it is a combination of my vacation during the beginning of the month, and some particularly stressful projects in need of my attention, that is making it difficult for me to stay focused. Mondays have always been troublesome days for me, but Mondays during the summer when Christian is around and can dedicate the entire day to having fun with La Luz are particularly rough for me because I know I am missing out. I came home during my lunch break today and had a picnic on the front porch with Christian and La Luz. I love the feeling of being at home during the middle of the day. Although it is not at all a big deal and really takes only a few minutes longer than I would spend running to the food court, it feels completely liberating and a tad rebellious.

The weather was perfect this evening. The humidity was low and the bugs were not too bad so we all enjoyed some time on the porch while La Luz ate a popsicle. I loved eating popsicles as a kid. I remember thinking that the chance to sit outside and eat a popsicle while listening to the cicadas had to be one of the greatest summertime events ever in the life of a kid. I think La Luz is catching on.

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