Monday, July 16, 2007

Lessons Learned Later

Apparently a combination of the following foods fed to a toddler within a period of about an hour and a half may induce serious nausea.

2 tbsp hummus
1 cup milk
1/2 bag snack size Lay's original potato chips
1 bag (1 serving) dehydrated banana chips
1 cup of undiluted minute maid lemonade
5 bites of chocolate dippin' dots

It seemed harmless to me at the time but at two a.m., while picking up regurgitated clumps of the night's menu, it suddenly seemed obvious that it was irresponsible to let all of those things go into La Luz's stomach at the same time. I know better now. I am not sure that means I will recognize a similar situation if in it again. Only time will tell. La Luz's belly has not been the same since that night, and neither has mine after witnessing the fallout.

La Luz and I had a quiet weekend. We enjoyed the rain, despite what it does to Loki. We rested a bit, and caught up with friends we haven't spent time with in months. I felt rejuvenated before the start of the week and am particularly energized because Christian returned at 3 a.m. yesterday. Everything is tougher as a single parent and I have a great support staff. But it wasn't so much the trouble wrangling La Luz into her stroller in the evenings to make sure Loki had a proper walk and not so much the mess and the fact that we didn't have any meals (excluding those that were prepared for us); the difficult part was the obvious, gaping hole around here when he is not and the sensation that some essential part of us was chopped off and discarded, leaving us to figure out how to get along without it.

Here's what it looked like around here on Saturday morning. La Luz is playing with the birthday card that Josh and Erika sent:

and on Sunday in her new glasses:

and Sunday night, on her new pillow, easily the tackiest thing I have ever purchased:


lindavaicius said...

I love that 2nd photo, it reminds me of "Elton John"with those glasses that he wears.

Kitty Brown said...

I will file that information away for future use -- gross! Hope she's feeling better. I know you guys are glad that Christian is home!!!