Wednesday, July 25, 2007

La Luz, In The Rocks

One of La Luz's favorite new activities is spending time loitering around the Cottage Living house. I can't say I blame her, there are so many attractive things about the place. She likes the bricked-in driveway and the hidden set of steps leading to the side entrance. She also enjoys spending time on the front porch, looking up at the fan. I think, however, that her favorite part is the miniature rock garden. Most days when I get home from work I can find a new pet rock or two around the house. Yesterday I found one on my way upstairs. I am not exactly sure where she got the idea that these garden rocks are community property. Needless to say, she has grown very fond of the rocks and refers to them as 'her babies'. Apparently she removed a rock from the rock garden earlier today, placed it on the front steps of the Cottage Living house and proceeded to sit on it - like a mother duck protecting her egg. Sometimes two year olds behave in very eccentric ways. This is just one example.

The picture was taken with Christian's cell phone as I was stuck at work until very late. The next few days will be extremely chaotic around here. I am stuck in a mock trial type of CLE for the next three days (yes, that includes Saturday) and, somehow, we are having a party at our house tomorrow night for our friends who are getting married on Saturday night. I think I will feel relieved on Sunday morning, but until then, I am not sure if I will even remember to breathe.

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