Sunday, July 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Josh

Tomorrow La Luz's Uncle Josh turns 30. It is hard to believe that he is 30 years old. It makes me feel particularly old because I have distinct memories of when he was a newborn. I remember that he was one of the happiest, most easy-going babies around. With the exception of the times when he would bang his head against the wall or shake the side of the crib, he was always pleasant.

Here he is with me and Richmond on the front porch swing at Audubon Street. Based on the attire I think the picture was taken around Christmas and it was in 1979, I think.

And here he is now, so many years later:

I will always be thankful that Josh is a part of La Luz's life. I have him to thank for the inability to walk La Luz past a freshly mowed lawn without having her ask me to 'dive bomb' and for her ability to clap and stomp on 2 and 4. What more does a little kid need?

Happy Birthday little brother!


TOITA said...

And based on the first picture, I can see why Lucy likes to suck her thumb!! hahahahahahaha!
Take care you all!!



lindavaicius said...

Oh! what a cute lil Family.

Scarlet said...

Julie! You have not changed one bit!