Sunday, July 29, 2007

Photo Booth Trio

While I was at the trial ad program on Saturday La Luz had a collision with her stroller, or something like that...
She looks like Rocky - either the Sylvester Stallone one or the Eric Stoltz one - pronounced bony ridge, odd-shaped eyes, totally asymetrical. I keep finding new bruises on her and it breaks my heart because they look very painful. As if the bruises were not enough, she woke up with fever and has been, for the most part, misreable for the better part of the day. I couldn't get any pictures of her today - she was impossible. Instead, you will have to deal with some pictures Christian and I took inside the photo booth at Catherine and Stephen's wedding last night at Latrobes. These are the reject pictures (for obvious reasons). The best ones were left behind in Cat and Stephen's guest book.


Scarlet said...

Juliet - you look fantastic as a blonde!

TOITA said...

Hahahaha! Nice ones! They look great for being "the rejected ones" poor them!!
Send a big kiss to my Lucy girl...This I guess my friend will be the first of many be strong!!
Take care you all!