Monday, July 30, 2007

Light Rock, Less Talk

La Luz is still sick and Christian and I are both totally frustrated. There doesn't seem to be anything particularly wrong with her other than a ridiculously high fever. The fever comes and goes too. For the better part of the day today she was fever free, but after her nap it was up to 103.6. We are bracing for another long night, one that neither of us likely has the energy to deal with, one that we are both totally dreading. Maybe the Motrin will do its trick and lull her into a peaceful slumber.

Here she is trying her best to play despite feeling lousy. You can kind of see the battle wounds on her right eye:

Christian leaves on Wednesday for Costa Rica so we are both hoping that La Luz is on the mend tomorrow. This time I am really not looking forward to his departure. It is not so much that I am envious that he will be in Costa Rica, which I am. It is more just that I am anxious about being left behind with a hyper-active dog, a sick toddler, and a mountain of work at the office.

It is not all so awful though, some exciting things are also happening in the next few days. My sister-in-law, Susan, is on her way to the hospital to give birth right now and it is killing me that I can't be there. Josh is on his way in town for a few days, which means I will finally get to meet his girlfriend and I think we are going to dinner at Galatoires one night. We should have some good distractions in Christian's absence. Let's just hope that La Luz gets well soon.


Scarlet said...

Here's my free "mom" advice - it is not uncommon for babies La Luz's age to spike fevers like this. If the pediatrician doesn't have an explanation for it, they usually blame it on a virus. My babies had little fevers like that, too, and it's so frustrating, but very likely nothing to worry about. She doesn't look sick at all, though - absolutely PRECIOIUS, especially the second picture!!!!!

Scarlet said...

Oops - I misspelled "precious"!

TOITA said...

Hey!! Poor Lucy girl, though she doesn`t look THAT bad!! I have no idea about the fever and that, no "mom expertice" around here! :) But I guess she will be fine soon.
Send my "dude" a good bye from here...and you hang in there, maybe we can talk on the phone one of these days?!?!?
Take care..Luv

Stacey said...

Hi there Julie..just wanted to let you know that I know how frustrating it is to have a sick one! We just got back from vacation and right before we left the ENTIRE house had strep throat!!!! However, after two rounds (20 days) of antibiotics) Natalie woke up last night with 102 temp.....took her over and it was a viral infection and she is miserable! Hang in there honey. Just to let you know you are not alone and Brian just started a new job with longer commute and hours so you are not flying solo so to speak! I'm with you my sista!

Anonymous said...

such as life, just pick up and carry on because it could be worse.

Stacey said...

That was a little harsh anonymous! Show yourself!