Thursday, July 19, 2007

New House On The Block

The Cottage Living 2007 Idea Home was 'unveiled' tonight for certain VIPs in the city of New Orleans and neighbors. The people at Cottage Living put together a great party replete with 'tastings' from some delicious local chefs/restaurants, a decent sampling of alcohol, free tours of the house, and, my favorite part - swag. I have never been to a party where swag was available but I have heard and read about it and it always sounds lovely. Who doesn't like free stuff?

Jessie came along with us. We pretended she was La Luz's nanny in order to get her in as one of the 'neighbors' but really they wouldn't have cared. I think anyone in suitable attire could have shown up and would not have been denied admission. In an ironic twist, La Luz only wanted me to hold her and she refused to walk. Consequently, I got hot and sweaty very quickly, couldn't really 'study' any of the rooms, missed out on some great photos, and had to race through the house. I think I will pay the $10 admission and walk through it again, slowly, without La Luz on my hip. The admission fee goes to the PRC as a donation anyway, so it is a worthy cause.

After touring the house and enjoying a few beverages and bites to eat we retired to the porch to check out the swag and watch the passersby. The gift bag was a bit disappointing - mostly advertisements and brochures for stuff I could never afford, but there were a few nice things included - an oxy stick that 'removes stains on contact' and some Laura Ashley lotion.

Overall it was a really nice party and decent payback for the inconvenience. Christian is still out there drinking with the neighbors. I think he has made up for the value of our inconvenience in Abitas.

Here is a picture of the house, all finished and beautiful:

and La Luz, in an enviable orange armchair:

Word on the street is that it will be on the market for $595,000.00. Any takers?

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