Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Another Busy Day

La Luz spent the afternoon with Aunt Julie visiting GG and Papa-George, a very special treat for her. She must have been charming because GG let her have ice cream. After work, La Luz joined me for dinner with Jessie and Tiffany at La Thai and she was only mildly squirmy. Fortunately, she was totally entertained by her Halloween pumpkin basket from Jessie. After dinner we headed to Tiffany's house to check out the nursery. Her baby is due in a few days and everything is ready. Seeing the teeny, tiny newborn diapers made me very nostalgic for when La Luz was a baby and totally excited about baby #2's arrival in a few months.

Here's La Luz, already competing with baby #2 for attention:


NolaMom said...

I forgot you are pregnant. You don't complain enough. How are you feeling?

ummmhello said...

She's too cute :) She knows she's got you wrapped around her pretty little finger :)